Nomex/Kapton/Nomex spiral wound tubes and end caps offer superior properties for the most demanding application such as:

  • Dielectric strenght
  • Mechanical strenght
  • Tensile strenght
  • Thermal class
  • Chemical resistance

They are spiral wound by using a high temperature resistance adhesive.

Nomex DuPont is an aramid paper that can be impregnated by resins.
As a matter of fact, Nomex impregnation guarantees higher insulation properties of these tubes when they are inserted in an wider insulation system.

These tubes and caps are often used in automotive industry as a slot liner insulation or to guarantee a perfect insulation to splices, motor leads termination, junction.

They are integrated in UL system to +220°C.

For automotive applications, Politubes also supplies tubes and ultrasonic welded end caps produced with a combination of Nomex and heat shrinkable polyester type Mylar HS by DuPont.

(Nomex and Kapton are DuPont registered trademarks)