Politubes is an Italian manufacturing company specialized in engineering spiral wound tubes and insulator caps for the electromechanical and automotive (EV and HEV) sectors.

This is a hyper-validated technology as demonstrated by almost 50 years of activity and several patents obtained through continuous innovation.

Multilayer spiral wound tubes and insulator caps manufactured by Politubes are used:

  1. to ensure the best electrical, chemical, mechanical and thermal insulation for various components in the electromechanical industry;
  2. to improve the thermal conductivity of e-motor stator slots that use hairpin windings (EV & HEV);
  3. for fixing and protecting permanent magnets in SPM-type brushless BLDC motors;
  4. to protect the rotors and reduce the noise of universal electric motors.

Politubes also specializes in the production of high-tech films with superior mechanical & release properties used among others as release liners for the tire industry, for the insulation of energy cables and for the thermal stabilization of polyester film substrates for printed circuit boards.

UL TEOU 2 – 8 nr E350605, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications are a guarantee of the company’s philosophy.

All products are manufactured in Italy by highly specialised team in a modern 4,000mq factory just a few km away from Milan Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio airports.

Politubes exports worldwide thanks to its recognized ability to meet customers’ needs for quality, service, innovation, raw material choice, engineering solutions and listening capacity.


Politubes is an IATF 16949:2016 certified Italian manufacturing company supplying among others premium automotive customers worldwide.
Our production capacity is capable of meeting any massive requirement.

Politubes stands out for:

  1. utmost rigor in the application of international quality standards;
  2. speed of response and maximum attention to customer needs;
  3. continuous and thorough research and development, accompanied by an in-depth study of raw materials, adhesives, resins, paints, inks;
  4. ability to perceive and interpret changes and market developments;
  5. attention to the safety of our personnel through regular training courses with respect to laws and regulations;
  6. the identification, prevention and management of different types of risks, both in business processes and throughout the value chain, and the ability to seize development opportunities;
  7. great attention to environmental protection issues.

To achieve and maintain its objectives over time, Politubes adopts a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015 (TÜV Rheinland certified) & IATF 16949 standards.


Politubes has implemented a comprehensive and integrated compliance system, equipping itself with a system of valid tools to ensure a high ethical standard.

The Code of Ethics is the mainstay of this system, but it must be read and interpreted in conjunction with documents considered essential for the development and spreading of Politubes’ core values, such as the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, the Organization, Management and Control Model, and the Procedure for Handling Reports.

Politubes has adopted:

  • Code of Ethics;
  • Anti-corruption Code;
  • Code of Conduct for Suppliers;
  • Model of organization, management and control 231/2001;
  • Environmental policy;
  • Integrated Policy System;
  • Whistleblowing Policy;
  • Risk assessment register in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR);
  • Corporate social responsibility Policy.

Politubes has set up reporting channels in order to ensure an adequate flow of information to the Supervisory Board concerning irregularities or violations of the Code of Ethics and the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.


Politubes’ activities have always been oriented towards the engineering of innovative solutions, capable of responding to customers’ different production needs and anticipating technological changes.

Politubes collaborates with several Italian universities and is a partner of research organizations.

Politubes is proud that its products are being used for the e-mobility and e-motors revolution.


Politubes has developed a supply chain management system in order to suppliers’ performance, improve efficiency and optimize the level of service rendered, while rationalizing operating costs, capital and resources committed.

We have implemented responsible purchasing practices which are mindful of the environment, workers’ rights and local communities.

We communicate our principles to our suppliers and constantly evaluate suppliers’ ability to meet our technical specifications and requirements.