Nomex® 410/411/464/864 aramid spiral wound tubes & caps produced by Politubes are used for many applications such as electrical insulation, thermal or chemical protection of many components in the electromechanical and automotive industry.

The spiraling technique consists in coupling a series of adhesive-coated strips, winding them around a mandrel, obtaining a tubular whose electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics are the sum of the ones of each layer.

These tubes and insulation caps can be supplied:

  1. Made with 100 % Nomex® when it is required:
    • to stand to temperatures up to 220°C
    • excellent impregnation properties
  2. In combination with Mylar® DuPont in order:
    • to increase mechanical properties for class F-H applications up to 165°C
    • to guarantee excellent impregnation properties

DuPont™ Nomex® 410 is a family of insulation papers that offer high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience; usually it is used without being paired with other films.

Nomex® 464 LAM paper is an aramid paper designed specifically for lamination with polyester films in constructions such as NM and NMN (Nomex® – Mylar® -Nomex®), or for lamination with polyimide films in constructions such as NK and NKN (Nomex® – Kapton ®- Nomex® ). It meets or exceeds the requirements of IEC 60819-3-3 for Type 4 papers.

DuPont™ Nomex® 864 is an innovative mica-blended paper developed specifically for lamination with polyimide (Nomex® – Kapton ®- Nomex®).  Ideal for thin, corona-resistant slot liners, it’s designed to address the need for partial discharge (pd) resistance of inverter-driven motor insulation. Additionally, Nomex® 864 can improve the reliability and extend the lifetime of electrical applications, so you can count on your equipment now and years down the road. Nomex® 864 is recommended for 800V traction motors and automotive battery cells insulation.

Mylar® DuPont polyester is an exceptionally strong, durable, transparent film with high tensile, tear and impact strength. It is moisture and vapour resistant and does not transmit oils, greases and volatile aromatics.

These custom designed Nomex® – Mylar® tubing can be supplied as tubes or ultrasonic welded, ultrasonic dot welded or bullnose endcaps.

Heat shrink Nomex® 411 – Mylar® HS tubes & insulator caps.

Nomex® 411 aramid insulation paper is a lower density version of Nomex® 410 paper. It meets or exceeds requirements of IEC 60819-3-3 for Type 3 papers

Nomex® – Mylar® tubes / caps can be supplied in a heat shrinkable version as well in order to secure and insulate components; in this case Nomex® 411 grade is spiral wound in combination with heat shrink polyester Mylar®HS.

Nomex® – Mylar ® HS tubes and caps can be supplied with a shrinkage of 35 %.

They are extremely tough and forms an excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical barrier for those components on which they are heat shrink achieving a perfect adhesion and shape.

One of the advantages to using a shrink Nomex® – Mylar® tubes and cap for insulating material is that even after it has been shrunk onto a component, it is able to move, twisting and bending as necessary without exposing the insulated product. This elasticity, coupled with its high temperature rating makes it an ideal product of choice for cable and wire assemblies.

Politubes adhesives, carefully selected during our forty years of experience, comply with all REACH and RoHS most updated regulations. They are compatible with resins and chemicals in the end-use application and guarantee that the original thermal, dielectric, mechanical, chemical properties of the films used are fully maintained.

Nomex® & Nomex®-Mylar® tubes & caps are mainly used for:

  • Electrical insulation during the crimping of connections and wiring loom
  • Slot liner insulation for copper hairpin in 400V & 800V motors
  • Inverter-driven motors and generators
  •  Inverter transformers
  •  Electrical equipment used in high-altitude areas
  • Motor lead terminals
  • Welding insulator
  • Electrical connections in automotive market
  • Final connections electric motors
  • Hermetic electric motors
  • Automotive
  • Coil windings
  • Hermetic pumps
  • Anti-corrosion cathodic protection for flanges bolts
  • Transformer tie rods
  • Thermistors, thermostats, thermal protectors, thermal switches, thermal cut-off within electric motor windings temperature probe
  • Cable harness

Our engineers are at your disposal to custom design specific products and offer more technical support for your application at – Phone +39-039-9054901 (Italy).

Inside diameter From 1.8 to 123 mm
Thickness From 0.12 to 1 mm
Length From 6 to 6000 mm – Tubes rewound in rolls can reach 1000 meters length
Types of insulation end caps available Ultrasonic welded; ultrasonic dot welded; bullnose
Color White, coloured or with a helical coloured stripe for fast code identification
Dielectric strength Nomex® 411 – 130 micron 12 kV/mm – ASTM D149
Dielectric strength Nomex® 410 – 50 micron 430 V/mil – ASTM D 149
Dielectric strength Nomex® 410 – 80 micron 550 V/mil – ASTM D 149
Dielectric strength Nomex® 864 – 50 micron 558 V/mil – ASTM D 149
Dielectric strength Nomex® 864 – 80 micron 635 V/mil – ASTM D 149
Dielectric strength Mylar® A DuPont Up to 19 kV for the 250µ – ASTM D149
Dielectric strength Mylar® HS DuPont 3,5 kV – ASTM D149
Service temperature Nomex® – Mylar® tubes & caps – 55 °C to +165 °C
Melting point 254 °C
Service temperature Nomex tubes – 55°C to 220°C

Nomex® UL certification is nr E34739. Mylar® UL certification is nr E93687. Politubes will provide specific tubes & caps technical data sheet accordingly with sizes requested. Nomex® is a DuPont Registered Trademark. Mylar® is a DuPont Registered Trademark.