Politubes provides a wide range of tailor made service release liners for the major tire manufacturers which are used to roll up and separate rubber compounds waiting to be cured – vulcanized and to transport the rubber from one extrusion line to a tire moulding line.
Our liners are used also as conveyors belt and for many other calender applications to process rubber compounds.

For these applications and in accordance with release properites, flexibility, stiffness and tear resistance required we offer:

  • POLINET: Reinforced and embossed liner with high release properties and stiffness
  • POLIREL: High release embossed polyester from 36 till 350 micron

POLINET multilayer film offers superior mechanical and tear resistance.

In an increasingly competitive world it is foundamental to reduce production costs, especially hidden costs and waste, such as machine downtime, in order to improve productivity in some of the production steps.
POLINET is a multilayers film reinforced with a special net inside and it is embossed in a second step in order to improve release characteristics.

Polinet release liner is our answer to all those manufacturers who are looking for:

  • Excellent release qualities, thanks to the embossing surface treatment
  • Good shape preservation without folding, distortion or deformation of the rubber, or tire strain
  • Reduced cost of machine downtime and production waste; this means higher production output and less scraps
  • Superior tearing and mechanical resistance
  • Longer life that allows it to be re-use till 20-25 times more than traditional poducts also thanks to its ease of repair
  • No polluting components, no fraying or bagging
  • Reduced impact on the environment and reduced cost of disposal