Politubes has developed the know-how and the experience necessary for the production of some special high-tech fims.

Main technologies used are heat lamination, embossing and corrugation surface treatment and heat stabilization of flexible films.

Politubes specializes in the production of:

  1. POLINET: Polyester/net/Polyester combined reinforced and embossed in a second step in order to improve release properties.
  2. POLIREL: Embossed polyester and polyethylene with excellent release qualities for the tire industry.
  3. POLIWAVE: Corrugated polyester with excellent locking properties during winding process for data, telecommunications and energy cables insulations.
  4. POLITHERM: Heat stabilized polyester for various industrial applications.

Politubes technical office is available to listen to your needs and offer you tailor-made innovative solutions.

Politubes supplies a wide range of process release films and liners for rubber and elastomer blends designed to be used in the processing of rubber compounds and to roll up and separate coils of rubber waiting to be vulcanized.

Always attentive to our customers’ needs, we have introduced a new POLINET service release liner with very high tear resistance and with excellent mechanical qualities and release properties for those processes that require a stiffer film.

This new release liner is a stiff polyester-based multilayer film that is reinforced internally with a high tear resistance mesh; the film is then embossed in a second step to increase its release properties.

This separation service liner is used by tire (tyre) producers as inner liner, side wall and rubber compounds separator.

This release film drastically reduces tire production costs and improves tire quality. Polinet is chosen by the major tire manufacturers as it offers:

  • Excellent release qualities of the tire rubber thanks to its special embossed surface, preventing deformations
  • Optimal preservation of shapes and surfaces, without creases or deformation of the rubber
  • Reduction in machine downtime costs and related waste; this translates into an increase in productivity and a reduction of hidden production costs
  • High mechanical strength and tear resistance.
  • Superior ability to preserve the fresh rubber sheet.
  • Reduction in costs compared to products used for the same purpose, as it can be re-used 20-25 times more than conventional products, also due to the fact that it is easy to repair.
  • Absence of any polluting substances, fraying or bagging
  • Product that is environmentally friendly and has reduced disposal costs

Politubes technical office is available to listen to your needs and offer you tailor-made innovative solutions.



Politubes provides a wide range of service release liners for the Tyre (Tire) industry which are used to roll up rubber windings waiting for curing – vulcanization and to transport the rubber from one extrusion line to a tire moulding line.

We are able release properties of the films through and embossing process done with heat cylinders.

Our release liners are used also for calender applications to process rubber compounds.

For the applications that require a more flexible film we offer:

  • POLIREL: High release embossed polyester
  • POLYESTER: Flat polyester

Film thickness is provide between 36 and 350 micron.



This mechanically corrugated PET film is suitable for the production of power and telecommunications cables.

Its advantages are:

  • Higher lapping around the cable.
  • Higher mechanical protection (small radius of curvature) of the cable without any risk of tearing the film. It is much less likely that the core will slide inside the cable.
  • Higher thermal protection, as the corrugated film transmits less heat; this feature protects the main insulation and permits higher operating temperatures.
  • Higher electrical protection; corrugated PET film can resist higher peak voltages than smooth film. This feature is due to the fact that the current has to run 30% further to penetrate overlappings.
  • Higher chemical protection; the barrier is much more resistant to the migration of plasticizers to the core sheath.


Politherm is a thermostabilized polyester that is rewound through heated cylinders.

This particular process is different from the traditional passage through oven , and it achieves a shrinking ratio on polyester films of less than 0.1 % in the machine-direction (MD) and 0,03 % in cross-direction (TD).

The film thickness is provided between 75 and 350 micron.