Politubes offers a wide range of polyester heat-shrinking tubes, both spiral wound and layflat tubes, as a protection for aluminium tubes evaporators , steel tubing , coil tubing, copper tubes , refrigeration tubing , freezer evaporators, no frost evaporators, rollbond evaporators, heat pump components, heat exchanger and static condenser.

Tubes can be cut at final lenght or rewound in rolls in order to optimize logistic and transport costs.

The advantages of using heat-shrink polyester are:

  • Lay flat tube rolls are supplied with length till 1000 meters. This means incredible benefits because of an important cost reduction for machines setup downtime and a dramatic increase of production output especially in automatic production processes
  • The tube forms a tight fit and perfectly keeps the shape of the coil
  • Maximum protection from condensation
  • High chemical and gas resistance
  • Reduced environmental impact (no pvc)
  • Increased durability and time resistance
  • Excellent mechanical resistance over time
  • Superior thermal and perforation resistance
  • Very thin wall thickness
  • Its transparency allows constant monitoring of the coil integrity

Adhesives in all products meet REACH and RoHS standards and guarantee that the original properties of the films used are fully maintained.

Diameters are bewtween 4 and 25 mm with a wall thickness between 75 and 150 micron. These tubes can be supplied transparent or coloured, already cut in lenght or rewound in rolls of several hundred meters.

This tube is also available to be used with automated positioning systems also thanks to the short thermal cycle of shrinkage / thermo moulding that requires a time less than 5 seconds when the right temperature is applied.

The Politubes R&D center remains at your disposal should you require anything, and to work together to design tailored, innovative solutions.

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