Politubes offers a wide range of polyimide Kapton® tubes and ultrasonic-weld insulator caps which guarantee exceptional dielectric and thermal resistance for temperatures higher than 300°C.
They are used as protection and insulation in anti-condensation heaters (RAC), cartridge heaters, heating elements, enclosure heaters, electric resistors and PTC heating elements.

In particular, our tubes and end caps ultrasonically sealed in Polyimide film are used in anti-condensation heaters and form the heart of the product inside the PTC package.

In fact, the PTC package is composed of a central part made of plastic, structured to house the actual heating elements (PTC) and these are placed in contact with two opposed metal plates that are connected to the power supply.

This assembly (electrical connection plates + plastic positioner + PTC) is inserted inside our endcap, which acts as electrical insulation. Subsequently, the whole part is inserted inside an extruded aluminium heat sink that undergoes plastic deformation to give the load required for correct operation of the heating elements.

The Polyimide tube can be supplied with two open ends or with one of the two ends ultrasonically welded.

Kapton is registered trademark by DuPont.