Politubes is committed to developing sustainable and responsible sourcing of raw materials, throughout the whole value chain.

Careful and widespread separate waste collection is a first step toward building a sustainable economy.

Through the virtuous cycle of separate waste collection, waste becomes a resource and disposable materials are reduced, limiting the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.

  • By composting production waste, we can reduce the frequency of pickup, thus limiting the road transport of waste and reducing CO2 and PM10 emissions.
  • For our packaging, we use recycled pallets and maximize recycling to retain resources and reduce waste.
  • We started the “plastic-free” project, thus reducing the amount of plastic used in offices and eliminating plastic bottles, by distributing steel-made water bottles.
  • We have started recycling all paper and cardboard used in offices, trying to limit their consumption as much as possible.
  • We have long been engaged in campaigns to promote conscious consumption and active practices to reduce waste.


“Follow the water” is the slogan by NASA experts scouring the universe for extraterrestrial life forms.

At Politubes, we strongly believe in the indispensability of a responsible relationship with the most precious life-sustaining resource we have: water.

  • We have introduced anti-waste purified water fountains.
  • We periodically check the water system in order to avoid leaks.
  • We adopt best practice procedures in the office, asking people to avoid letting water run unnecessarily.


Power efficiency is our focus, and we are striving to find high-saving solutions.

  • We have taken the path of energy sustainability and have begun replacing our lighting system with LED lamps.
  • We have an office equipment that meets the most up-to-date versions of the European Energy Star Program standards.
  • We follow best practices: we always turn off lights and use only those which are strictly necessary, use printers only when needed and in low-resolution mode.
  • In our offices we use electric heat pumps, in high classes, for heating and cooling with reduced primary power consumption.


We are committed to achieving CO2 emissions reduction and managing residual emissions with prevention projects.

We also demand the same commitments from our suppliers.

  • Politubes products are used for e-mobility, thus promoting the reduction of CO2 and PM10 emissions.
  • We minimize emissions and use modern industrial fume absorption and purification equipment.
  • We adopt a chemical management system with regard to products, production processes and supply chain.
  • In our offices, we use electric heat pumps, in high classes, for heating and cooling, thus reducing CO2 and PM10 emissions.


Innovation processes are encompassing in a balanced way the three dimensions of sustainable development, namely ecological (planet), economic (profit) and social (people).

These three dimensions find expression in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which form the vital core of the 2030 Agenda.

  • We are committed to the continuous development of innovative products which help reduce environmental impact.
  • Politubes is proud that its products are being used for the ecological revolution of e-mobility and e-motors.